Lana Del ReyCoachella, 2014

They all turned into people I know 
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Harlem, 1970. Stylin’

The first innovative bicycle path in the Netherlands will be paved with light stones that will charge during the day and emit light during the evening. The path will run by the home that Vincent van Gogh lived in from 1883-5.

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this is so perfect i wanna have this so much

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"Too many young girls don’t know how to act when someone’s being inappropriate with them. They giggle or they try to brush it off. Don’t do that. Tell them to go fuck themselves - be a bitch. If someone’s being disrespectful to you, be disrespectful right back. Show them the same amount of respect that they show you." - Wise words from my mom  (via makeyoubeleive)


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Guns hidden under our petticoats


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It’s a metaphor. You’re a metaphor. I’m a metaphor. Your keybord is a metaphor. Everything is a metaphor. The universe is turning into one giant metaphor on a molecular scale. Run. It’s too late.

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Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari